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03-Shorty Long - Burnt Toast & Black CofArtist Name
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"Popcorn is a genre after the fact, built by curation rather than creation. Its narrative was formed by Belgians in the 1970s from records made in the ’50s and ’60s – there was no such thing as a Popcorn artist, because no one had set out to make a Popcorn record in the first place. It was all in the rhythm, which had to suit the unusual ‘slow swing’ dance; it could be Latin boogaloo, an orchestrated Italian ballad or an early Tamla Motown single. The small-town venues, the fact that clubs can be in some out-of-town new-build, and open during daylight hours, makes it all slightly alien. It’s hard to explain, but when you hear the records in a row, Popcorn makes perfect sense." Bob Stanley 

Popcorn in the modern age makes for excellent bar and club ambience, allowing people to relax and unwind to classy soulful sounds that span genres.  It moves people, be it to connect, dance or just enjoy themselves whilst steeped in its seductive, playful atmosphere.  


01_King Porter Stomp.mp3Artist Name
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Swing music, or simply swing, is a form of popular jazz music developed in the United States that dominated in the 1930s and 1940s.  Swing jazz became the dominant musical force of the period, with many bands forming across the world, creating with their formation many regional flavours and styles.  

Swing and jazz capture some of the best parts of the human spirit.  Raw, playful, harmonious, rhythmic, melodious, discordant - it's all there.  I play swing for dancers most of the time, but it suits bars well.  This quote sums up 'jazz spirit' perfectly for me: 

Trumpeter Johnny Best saw a sign at the bar of a Holiday Inn where the Bob Crosby band was staying: HAPPY HOUR - ALL YOU CAN DRINK FOR A DOLLAR.  Johnny told the bartender, "Give me two dollars' worth." 

Rhythm & Blues 

26. Lucky Carmichael - Hey Girl.mp3Artist Name
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"Sometimes I would go into the studio at 10 o’clock in the morning, then 2 o’clock the next morning we’re still there. My rhythm section was my foundation. If I didn’t have that foundation none of it would stand." Dave Bartholomew

Rhythm and blues, big on rhythm and soul - moves feet and hearts.  Insistent and real, rhythm and blues bumps you into the early morning.  It's got your mojo working.   


soul 2 sole.mp3Artist Name
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"When one sings from the heart and it reaches another heart, that's soul." Little Richard

Soul is a feeling more than a definition.  If it touches you, it's got soul.  Musically, you can look to James Brown's diversity as an artist; from big ballads to funk odysseys, soul music covers a lot of ground.  Sometimes it's best just to groove on out... 

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